Miss V’s Boot Camp – Day 2

On the second day of Boot Camp we did lots of running again.

But in a different way.

Sit down and up several times.


We were split into 2 teams of 3 (Sayed and Erika could still not make it to class :().

We would compete to run in zigzag making airplane around the cones and then sprinting back once midfield was reached.


Then sit down and up several times again (that was actually our rest between running sprees)

A balancing exercise: Right knee up, arms up, then reach your right hand into your left calf, making a T. Then the other side. 4 times each side


ZigZag run again.

Sit down and up again

Squad and Lounges across the whole field, coming back on bear crawl.

SquadAndLounge BearCrawl

ZigZag run again.

Sit down and up again

Balance wresting with closed eyes.BalanceWrestling

ZigZag run again.

Sit down and up again

Then, the last and most challenging one, burpies.

12 burpies, sit down and up, 11 burpies, sit down and up, 10 burpies, sit down and up, 9 burpies, sit down and up, 8 burpies, sit down and up, 7 burpies, sit down and up, 6 burpies, sit down and up, 5 burpies, sit down and up, 4 burpies, sit down and up, 3 burpies, sit down and up, 2 burpies, sit down and up, 1 burpie, sit down and up.


Then help Miss V set up the 12 Days of Christmas Workout for the 11:00 class that’s starting today.

That was Day 2!

I guess. I may be forgetting something… So whoever was there that is reading this, please remind me if I missed anything and I’ll update the post.

For points, we decided that instead of doing Pig Tail Mondays, we would be doing Pig Tail Week and wear them every day.

We also had face painting and our antlers.


But the 8:00 class did fancy stuff and passed us on the points… 😦

Class Standings 12/18:  (Reminder: these standings don’t reflect the ‘averaging’ that Roxanne is going to help me do to reflect mini-bootcamp’s 3 day)
7am: “Yogis” 32 points
8am  “50 Shades”: 79 points
9am: “11 of 9”  63 points
10am “BAGAJES”:  74 points
11am: “Jiggle PLANK” 31 points


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