Miss V’s Boot Camp – Day 3

Day 3 of Boot Camp.

We knew it would be inside and mostly weights. So I guessed my legs would have a bit of a rest and we would be working out arms mostly.

Well…. we did workout arms a lot. But that did not mean the legs got any rest.

The routine on Day 3 was to do a series of 12 reps of each exercise, then 30 seconds of dancing (or running to water fountain to re-hydrate…), then 11 reps, dance, 10 reps, dance, 9 reps, dance, 8 reps, dance, 7 reps, dance, 6 reps, dance, 5 reps, dance, 4 reps, dance, 3 reps, dance, 2 reps, dance, 1 rep, dance, and we were done!

But boy! It was not easy! After the 12, 11 and 10 I felt really dehydrating, so I was one of the ones dancing to the water fountain.

The exercises were the following:

Jumping Jacks


45 degree Pushups 


Double Row


Squat Press (weight overhead)


Jumping Lunges


Side Plank Switches




Squat Biceps Alternating


Mountain Climbers


Bent Over Reverse Flies


Lunges with Shoulder Presses


Triceps Standing


For the holiday bling we did PJ Day and we all wore pajama pants for workout.


We also found out today that PJs are way too warm for working out. But that’s fine. It added up the amount of sweat which is supposed to be a good thing, right?

And of course, our antlers, sparkly pigtails, and also some rubber bracelets with star stickers.

But 11 am class went even more creative and did some customized wreaths, which granted them so many points that they got really close to the leads, in spite of being a 3-day class only and hence have less point opportunities.
The leadership though switched from 8:00 class to 9:00 am class. But we’re still in second, since we were able to pass 8:00 am with our PJs… Yay!

Class Standings 12/19:  (Reminder: these standings don’t reflect the ‘averaging’ that Roxanne is going to help me do to reflect mini-bootcamp’s 3 day)
7am: “Yogis” 36 points
8am  “50 Shades”: 90 points
9am: “11 of 9”  99 points
10am “BAGAJES”:  94 points
11am: “Jiggle PLANK” 82 points


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