Miss V’s Boot Camp – Day 4

We got the the fourth day of boot camp!

Today we had a workout that was done both indoors and outdoors. The fact that was pouring rain did not matter, gotta jog!!!

The routine was:

Jog 5 laps outside around the soccer field, do 5 minutes of wall sit with a rubber band on our knees and throwing a ball to each other, do 5 minutes of plank, do 50 ab crunches while holding a ball between our knees, do 5 bridges still holding the ball between our knees.


Then all over again, on 4: 4 laps, 4 minutes of wall sit, 4 minutes of plank, 40 crunches and 40 bidges.


Then 3, 3, 3, 30, 30


Then 2, 2, 2, 20, 20


Then 1, 1, 1, 10, 10


and we’re done.

The 15 laps we did outside got us pretty much wet, but at least it wasn’t freezing cold.

My feet was drenching though, since I wear my five fingers, which does not protect the feet from water at all. But, oh well, 1 hour of wet feet is no big deal.

And we had fun!

Throwing balls is always fun. We had a few missed, some thrown at the ceiling, or at the Christmas Lighting, or, even better, at each others heads…

And the plank was honored with singing, especially from Shauna, who was counting on the singing to be able to get the minutes pass without noticing…

Today for the bling, apart from our everyday pigtails and antlers, we had a beaded necklace with a glittery snowflake and tramp stamps on our lower backs. Mine said BOOTYLICIOUS.

BAGAJES_Day4 Bootylicious

It was nice, but didn’t grant us many points, so we’re now down to 3rd place now. 🙂

Class Standings 12/20:  
7am: “Yogis” 89 points
8am  “50 Shades”: 125 points
9am: “11 of 9” 131 points
10am “BAGAJES”:  119 points
11am: “Jiggle PLANK” 89 points


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