Boot Camp 2013 – Day 4

Today was the day everyone was dreading. It was the day we did the 54321.

What that means?

Jog 5 laps outside around the soccer field, do 5 minutes of wall sit with a rubber band on our knees and throwing a ball to each other, do 5 minutes of plank, do 50 crunches while holding a ball between our knees, do 50 up and down bridges still holding the ball between our knees, then count to 50 while pumping the ball between our knees in bridge position.


Then start all over, with 4 laps, 4 minutes of wall sit and plank, 40 reps of abs, bridges and pumping.


Then 3, 3, 3, 30, 30 30


Then 2, 2, 2, 20, 20, 20


Then 1, 1, 1, 10, 10, 10


The hardest is the 5 minutes of plank. Well… Ok. The hardest is plank! Period! Regardless of for how long.

Our theme today was red and green bandanas. I was also wearing an ugly sweater made out of a not-so-ugly red sweater and some felt Christmas ornaments pinned to it, and because my long-workout-pants-that-do-not-fall-during-burpies was in the laundry basket, I added to the costume by having capri pants and long striped socks pulled up to join the pants. Not a very flattering outfit, but very fun and silly.

Oh Yeah! And just because Rukmani suggested in yesterday’s post, I also had my red white and blue nails….


In spite of the 15 minutes of planking, the team was in very good spirits. Sherri and I were the first ones to finish the initial 5 laps, so we stayed outside cheering the other girls. Give me 10! Give me acious! Go 10acious!!!

photo 3

We also cheered 9Glutes on their last round.
Karen was rocking on the plank and bridge noises. Britt had her professional camera to register. Then I stayed a little longer to take pictures of the first round for Owh!Shins!11, that had only 2 people today.

The classes standings after today’s session were not sent yet, so the numbers are still the same as last night. So instead of a table at the end of the post, I leave you with a Photo Gallery.

Yay Boot Campers! We’re surviving! Only one more day left!


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