Boot Camp 2013 – Day 4

Today was the day everyone was dreading. It was the day we did the 54321.

What that means?

Jog 5 laps outside around the soccer field, do 5 minutes of wall sit with a rubber band on our knees and throwing a ball to each other, do 5 minutes of plank, do 50 crunches while holding a ball between our knees, do 50 up and down bridges still holding the ball between our knees, then count to 50 while pumping the ball between our knees in bridge position.


Then start all over, with 4 laps, 4 minutes of wall sit and plank, 40 reps of abs, bridges and pumping.


Then 3, 3, 3, 30, 30 30


Then 2, 2, 2, 20, 20, 20


Then 1, 1, 1, 10, 10, 10


The hardest is the 5 minutes of plank. Well… Ok. The hardest is plank! Period! Regardless of for how long.

Our theme today was red and green bandanas. I was also wearing an ugly sweater made out of a not-so-ugly red sweater and some felt Christmas ornaments pinned to it, and because my long-workout-pants-that-do-not-fall-during-burpies was in the laundry basket, I added to the costume by having capri pants and long striped socks pulled up to join the pants. Not a very flattering outfit, but very fun and silly.

Oh Yeah! And just because Rukmani suggested in yesterday’s post, I also had my red white and blue nails….


In spite of the 15 minutes of planking, the team was in very good spirits. Sherri and I were the first ones to finish the initial 5 laps, so we stayed outside cheering the other girls. Give me 10! Give me acious! Go 10acious!!!

photo 3

We also cheered 9Glutes on their last round.
Karen was rocking on the plank and bridge noises. Britt had her professional camera to register. Then I stayed a little longer to take pictures of the first round for Owh!Shins!11, that had only 2 people today.

The classes standings after today’s session were not sent yet, so the numbers are still the same as last night. So instead of a table at the end of the post, I leave you with a Photo Gallery.

Yay Boot Campers! We’re surviving! Only one more day left!

Boot Camp 2013 – Day 3

Today I did not attend Boot Camp because I spent my day at the Homeland Security office becoming an American Citizen. YAY!

But I could not let my fellow bootcampers go a day without the report, so I asked my 10acious friends to cover up for me.

Rukmani accepted the task to write down a description of the day, and Kathy was our picture taker.

The only thing that is missing is the buddies. They reside on my office and I didn’t have a chance to stop by to take their pictures, so for the illustrations I’ll have to recycle some stick men from last year and use some real pictures Miss V sent out already.

So here’s what I got from my awesome friends:

After 2 days of working really hard, Team 10acious was ready for Day 3 of bootcamp, which was also called Hump Day. We missed Sayeh, Brittany and our fearless leader, Gaby who was busy painting her nails red, white and blue (for her American citizenship).  It was Ms V’s dream weather for bootcamp today – cold and rainy, she keeps telling us that bootcamps usually involved getting soaked in the rain or freezing in the cold and we had it easy this time. Sarah drove by our building in the morning and clued us that the 9Glutes were indoors, so we might not go out in the cold. Well, not completely – Ms V said we would be spending 30 minutes on the field and then head inside. When we walked into the building, there was a pleasant surprise – delish holiday treats that the 9Glutes were kind enough to bring complete with Christmas cookies, hot coffee, yummy pastries, chocolate milk and eggs.
Round 1
We got split into 2 teams – Team Green and Team Red. We did the following exercises
1.       Alternating sit-stands
2.       Zig zag around cones (Team Green around the green cones and Team Red around the red cones) in a staggered order – when the first person is done with the first cone, the second person starts and so on. When we reach the cones, we had to airplane around it. When we reached the last cone, we sprint right back.
3.       Alternating sit-stands.
4.       Zig zag around cones – similar to last time except for when we reached the cones, we do a quick football touch and back off.
5.       Alternating sit-stands.
6.       Zig zag around cones – this was a race between Team Red and Team Green. Team Red won this race.
Round 2
We did the following exercises
·         Lift your right knee, then right arm travels from straight up to touch your left ankle foring a T. We did this again on the other side for a few reps.
·         Alternating lunges with squats in between till we walked to the middle of the field.
·         Bear crawl all the way back. Ms V was kind enough to say that we can all stop bear crawling when at least one person has walked all the way back. Thanks to Ying and Melissa, the rest of us avoided a few bear crawls.
By now, it started pouring down pretty hard, so we moved indoors for Round 3. Yaay, we were outside only for 15 minutes or so J.
Round 3
Round 3 was a Christmas miracle – more than half an hour of foam rolling the heck out of our tight spots, marveling at the magic a foam roller and a tennis ball could do. There were interesting things we learnt about our bodies along the way – thanks to Ms V and the anatomically correct poster dude, George. Ms V also explained that when there are times that a foam roller is not handy, a simple tennis ball can do the trick as well. While we were foam rolling and stretching, we also bonded a lot discussing our bootcamp experiences – how we were completely wiped out and still excited enough to think about it all day.
We then helped set up the field for the 12 days of Workout routine for the mini-bootcampers – the weather had cleared up enough by now.
We all left with big smiles on our faces till someone reminded us of the dreaded 54321 workout tomorrow, GULP!
For our theme today, all of us wore Santa hats of different flavors – Kathy had a crazy bent hat, Karen had the cutest elf hat and Sarah had a sparkly Santa hat. Karen was awesome in fishing Ms V for points if we could wear our Santa hats to work. Ms V’s response – send your pictures and we’ll see. So yes, we are taking our costumes back to work AGAIN!!
In regards to the class standings, yesterday we did awesome and got the most points of the day, being able to get out of last place. Whoot, whoot!
But then today our points were not much. We were still able not to drop to last again, but didn’t go too far up.
Overall Totals
Let’s go 10acious!!!

Boot Camp 2013 – Day 2

Today was the second day of our annual bootcamp. For those who though yesterday was though, today seemed to be even tougher, but as fun as.

For our 10acious theme of the day, we had Tutu Tuesday!
We were all cute in our nice colored tutus and piggy tails! I had a couple more blings and wore holiday hair band for my piggy tails and flashing holidays lights as a necklace.


The workout was intense. Today we were inside and did 12 series of a set of exercises. In the first series we did 12 reps, in the second one, 11 reps, and so one, decreasing a rep on each series until 1 rep.

The exercises were, in this order:

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Pushups
  • Bent Over Double Rows
  • Squat Press
    (wide squat/weight overhead)
  • Jumping Lunges
    (sparkle in between)

  • Side Plank Switches
  • Supermans
  • Squat Biceps
    (alternating  w/knee)
  • Mountain climbers
  • Bent Over Reverse Flies
  • Lunges with Shoulder Press
  • Triceps Standing
  • Dancing

It was a lot of fun.

At the end of class Miss V challenged us to get to work on our tutus and post a picture on our facebook page. We had some tutu girls around in campus today!!!

Those are my own pictures, in 3 different buildings:


Here’s some of the decoration the 7 and 8 AM classes are putting up and some of the pictures I took today…



As for the class standings, last night we were still in last place, not counting the 11 AM class, since they hadn’t started yet by then… 😦






Overall Totals















Go 10acious!!!! We can do it!!!!